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About Bruce Berger & Oh What A Massage 


Co-Founder and Administrator, Bruce Berger LMT, NCBTM, and his staff have provided services for the North Fork of Long Island, Shelter Island, and the Hamptons either from their Center in Greenport, a Victorian House which many of the locals refer to as The Costello House, or as outcalls outside the Center since the company opened its doors in 2001.

Whether you or your group prefer services at our Greenport Center, at your home, your place of business, or where you are staying; you will experience top quality treatments with our licensed massage therapists whose professional experience ranges from ten to twenty five years.

In 1994 Bruce graduated from the Ohashi Institute after studying shiatsu, a Japanese acupressure modality, for two years. 
In 1996 Bruce graduated from the Swedish Institute and received his license to practice massage therapy in the State of New York, and also became Nationally Certified in Massage and Body Therapy.

Having studied with practitioners from Mongolia, Japan, Russia, and India, he incorporates in his work a variety of styles such as kenbiki, an Oriental rhythmic rocking treatment, trigger point, shiatsu, reflexology, as well as ayurvedic, and Thai massage techniques. His eclectic type of massage called 'Massage & Motion' he now teaches in workshops to other massage therapists, physical therapists and their assistants, as well as to other medically trained personnel. He has taught 'Massage & Motion' as a Continuing Education Class at the renown Swedish Institute in Manhattan. 'Massage & Motion' allows a client to experience a unique approach which incorporates not only massage, but also stretching, and rocking techniques which aid in the healing process as a means of enhancing the release of stagnant lymphatic fluid in the body which improves the immune, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory systems. 

This technique allows deeper sheaths of muscle groups to be accessed and thus loosened.  

Appointments can be made with Bruce at his Center in Greenport. In addition, he does massage outcalls throughout Long Island, including the Hamptons, the North Fork, and Shelter Island.

Bruce has worked in a clinical setting as a massage therapist in the Physical Therapy Department of Maimonides Hospital and Southampton Hospital where he specialized in medical massage.  

For three years (2003 to 2006) Bruce worked with Cancer Patients at the Eastern Long Island Hematology Oncology Center in Riverhead, New York in that facility's massage program. He also has been associated with the Southold Sports Rehab facility of Eastern Long Island Hospital in Southold, New York.  

He is a Certified Yoga Instructor, having completed his yoga training in 1994 from the Himalayan Institute. From 2001 through 2003 he was the Yoga Instructor at Southampton Hospital. 

Bruce is also a practitioner of 'Movement Therapy,' a therapeutic treatment that employs passive and active stretching with voluntary moving exercises for patients recovering from trauma (accidents), strokes, and neurological disorders. 
This modality helps to reeducate the muscular - skeletal and nervous system to work together to facilitate movement. 

Bruce guides his clients to health, offering them not only excellent body work, but also helping them establish their daily exercise routine and advising them on ways of improving their diet. In the twenty-two years that Bruce has been a body work practitioner he has helped many people realize their greater potential by adopting healthier life styles.  

His services for Yoga can be scheduled for the North Fork, or the South Fork of the East End of Long Island, as well as the other parts of Long Island or New York City.

LMT, NCBTMB, BA, Founder/Administrator of The Massage & Wellness Center and Oh What a Massage 

Bruce Berger is a true healer. It is rare to find any healthcare providers in today's world who possess even the most basic understanding of the disease process. Bruce not only understands the process, but he will also help orient and guide you to a lasting cure.  The combined effect of exceptional massage coupled with personalized yoga instruction will make a huge difference in anyone's life. Bruce invests his whole mind, body, and spirit into the attainment of your health.

S. David Beyers, D.D.S. West Islip & Peconic, N.Y. 

This serves both as a testimonial to the excellence of Bruce Berger as a massage therapist, and also as a conduit through which I can express my appreciation for how remarkably he has helped me in a relatively short time. I perceive his overall professional excellence to be ‘multifactorial’, since he brings a host of disciplines to his work. Those that immediately come to mind are his detailed knowledge of human anatomy - which I believe forms the underpinning for many others - his extensive and eclectic training in Mongolian, Russian, and other deep massage techniques, to which he has added his own unique refinements, are among an array of many special qualities.

The most important facet of his work is his ability to combine a personal, complex methodology with what is best described as an art.  As a result of these and many other factors, I can say that Bruce is a truly remarkable professional who has helped me greatly in the areas of physical and psychic stress reduction. He is not only a massage therapist, but a healer as well. As a surgeon,this continues to remain vitally important to me, and he has my unqualified gratitude.

Craig Sussman, M.D. New York City & Jamesport, N.Y.


Bruce's skill and his personality and humor have helped me through many difficult times with my health and my life's journey.  
He is a superb massage therapist with great knowledge of health diet and self care. I recommend him to anyone who seeks these qualities!! 

Ruth M. Pollack, Esq. Riverhead, N.Y.

Civil Rights Attorney, Artist, Author, Speaker on Constitutional & Public Interest Issues


"Bruce's website and e - mail address is 'OhWhataMassage' That says it all."

Ed Murphy, East Marion, N.Y. & Houston, Tex.
Edward J. Murphy
Beirne, Maynard & Parsons, L.L.P.


To get a massage from Bruce Berger is truly a remarkable experience. His thorough work and attention to individual concerns along with his expertise guarantees that the client will receive the best quality work available. His witty and affable personality will immediately put anyone at ease. His work is truly extraordiary and it has been a godsend for me. He has helped me to relieve so much of the tension and achiness that has bothered me for so long. Bruce gets my highest recommendations along with a great deal of praise and appreciation.

Richard Jacquin Jr., N.Y. State Licensed Massage Therapist, Rocky Point, N.Y.

I can always count on Bruce to be there when I need help to smooth things out. Bruce is the only one I gladly allow therapeutically to wring out my neck. He gives a great massage where I always leave feeling invigorated and joyful. 

Holly Cronin, N.Y. State Licensed Massage Therapist, Shelter Island, N.Y.


Dearest Bruce gives such a professionally loving massage that both relaxes me and eases all the pain in my body. Those big hands just know where to go and how to touch. I lived at a massage school for 10 years and I can truly say that Bruce knows what he is doing.  I wish I could get a massage every week from him, but I am now living in California. I highly recommend Bruce's massage.  
He is an expert in his field.

Erana Yoas, Licensed Massage Therapist, San Francisco, Ca.


Its a pleasant experience to have Bruce work on you. His touch is like no other. His relaxing and soothing techniques make you feel 
in bliss!! 

Ileana Crespo, Spa Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist, Aguada, Puerto Rico


Bruce brings into his work techniques which create a very balanced session. You walk away not just feeling relaxed, but invigorated as well.

Karen Odell Boger, N.Y. State Licensed Massage Therapist, Greenport, N.Y.


Best massage I ever had, plus Bruce really knows his skills and knows how to customize for each individual. Besides, he is a wonderful person. An utmost professional.

Liliana Nealon, Denver, Colorado & Cutchogue, N.Y.  


There’s massage and then there’s massage. I have had many massage therapists work on me over the years, but none can compare to Bruce. When I leave after a ninety minute therapeutic massage, I don’t just feel great, I feel sensational. This seventy - five year old man has been given such pain relief from his bodywork treatments. I can honestly attest that without his care and hard work my life would be much more difficult. I look forward to every appointment with him so I can experience a touch of heaven afterwards.

Elliott Spar, Mattituck, N.Y. & West Palm Beach, Fl.


I have attended Bruce's Yoga Class regularly and he has helped to bring mobility and balance into my life.I used to take Yoga classes well over fifteen years ago, and I have been a student to at least five different teachers. Bruce is, by far, superior.  

Joyce Kuyava, Hampton Bays, N.Y.


I am very pleased with the outcome of my weekly massages with Bruce. I have noticed much less stiffness in my arthritic joints. 
The frozen left shoulder that I had for years is now completely cured. My energy level has gone up considerably and I have an overall feeling of well-being. I cannot imagine doing without such wholesome bodywork sessions.

Brigida DiMaio, Aquebogue, N.Y. 


A few years ago my Oncology Center started a program of integrated health care. One of the services offered was Massage Therapy. 
Each week I am filled with a positive experience where I had before associated my conventional cancer therapy with negativity and dread. A massage from Bruce is most unique. In his generosity, he emanates and shares healing energies with kindness and compassion.  It fills my spirit and gives me hope. Thank you, Bruce.

Alice L. Wider, New Suffolk, N.Y.


When I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, I knew that I needed to do something to help my body overcome the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I found out that at my oncologist’s office there was a special program of massage therapy and I immediately made an appointment. The full - body massages with Bruce have helped me with the side effects of chemo and I do think that Bruce’s massages have helped me regain my strength and energy quickly where I feel considerably less pain.
I intend to continue these massages to help me stay well.

Genevieve Yeomans, Jamesport, N.Y.

I have been using the professional services of Bruce Berger for the relief of muscle tension and back discomfort. I have noticed an immediate improvement following these scheduled sessions. Bruce has also counseled me on daily yoga self-tension reduction stretches and breathing techniques as an adjunct to therapy. His knowledge and dexterity in providing massage and body manipulation has been greatly appreciated.

Bruce L. Radler, D.P.M., Pres., Queens, N.Y.

During his tenure here Bruce worked in our two outpatient facilities, working with patients that had a variety of medical problems. 
Some of the types of these patients included those with neck and back pain, arthritis, shoulder or leg injuries as well as other diagnosis. Bruce has excellent technical skills that are matched by his interpersonal skills. He was always held in high regard by both patients and staff members alike.

Steven I. Silverstein MS PT, Rehab Manager at Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y.


My wife and I enjoyed a massage with Bruce at a Spa several years ago. Since then we have been regular customers and enjoy his massage as much now as we did then. He is GREAT!

Chris Gallagher, Manhasset, N.Y.


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